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We`re glad to help you to improve a conversion of your business and attracting new customers. Ordering our services you get quality product which is absolutely matches your needs.

How it works

For increasing online sales you need to convince your target audience. To this end landing and subscription pages, sites are being established. Our goal is to create high quality of legal texts for our clients’ business that turn visitors of this resources into product/service buyers.

  • We`re surveying our clients’ business, explore the product and its main benefits, the level of competition in industry that client has chosen.
  • We create a portrait of target audience.
  • We state buyer’s benefits from the purchase of the customer’s product, its main advantages in comparison with competitive ones.
  • We scrutinize and work out every possible objection of a potential buyer and examine his problems and fears.
  • We argue the price of the product and  present a detailed justification of it.
  • We develope a structure and conception of selling text, its basic components and key aspects.
  • We provide already uniquely designed text as a major instrument for sell.
  • If there is a need we finalize a work on text after its delivering to increase a level of conversation.

Our services are intended for:

  • businessmen who work with information
  • business coaches deciding on questions of attracting new clients to their trainings
  • enterprise owners who are moving their own business on the web
  • for all who want to increase the level of sales

As a result

  • You get completed instrument for sell and an opportunity to make it better if there is a need.
  • You needn’t worry about how to increase the level of sell.
  • You can make much more time to your business aspects.

And that’s not all!

  • The text may be finalized free if it’s conversion level is less then planned rate.
  • Our client can get free consultation how to make better other texts.
  • We provide permanent support and consultation to our client at all stages of cooperation.

Our team

Here is a few words about us

TextGross copywriting studio is a community of professional writers, always developing promotional  and information items for commercial purposes. We masterfully speak and write English and Russian languages, improve every time our skills in marketing area and creating effective commercial advertising.

  • Skills - we can create headings that instantly draw reader’s attention
  • SEO - we know SEO on a professional level, can create semantic core competently distribute key words in text by carefully  crafting them
  • Texts - we create effective selling texts that convert visitors to customer
  • Experience - we study every time and master new species of services provided

our services

Textgross guarantee qualitative decisions for any objectives

Selling texts

Different types of the selling texts for business

  • Selling text for landing page - 100$ / text
  • Text for main page - 5$ / 1000 symbols

Website content

Unique description of goods and services for attracting clients and increasing sales level

  • Descriptions of goods for online stores - 3$ / 1000 symbols
  • Content editing - 3$ / 1000 symbols


Creating qualitative one from scratch

  • Mini-book - by agreement


Information texts for website promotion in  search engines

  • Seo-text - 4$ / 1000 symbols
  • Information article - 4$ / 1000 symbols

Commercial offer

Indispensable tool for working with current and potential clients

  • Commercial offer - 45$ / text


Qualitative translations of technical papers, literary texts, business and personal correspondence from/to English

  • Translations - 4$ / 1000 symbols

Dispatching of the E-mail messages

E-mail marketing is strong tool for constructing the communication with client

  • Series of letters to dispatch - 50$

Automatic selling tools

A full range of articles for your business

  • - 120$

Some of our clients


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